School of Leaders

Leadership Training School NPT


Youth belonging to gangs within the Peace Treaty.


That the young person values him/herself and has the qualities and capabilities to live a dignified and peaceful life.


Workshops are held from Monday to Friday with a two-hour minimum duration, which can be extended according to the participation of the young people.


It follows each workshop’s theme, emphasizing that participants rely mainly on experiences of their own life in gangs and share their testimony at the head of a group.


According to the needs of the gang, the schedule can be adapted from 7:00 p.m. onwards.


In the place chosen by the youth that can be in a home or a place where the gang meets, be it a square, a corner, or a courtyard.

Leadership Workshops



Provide tools and skills to youth in gangs that motivate them to plan and carry out their Life Project for a successful integration into society.


OBJECTIVE: That the young person knows and recognizes values as part of their life for their integral development as a free and self-sufficient person.

Responsible Life (VIRE)

OBJECTIVE: Raising awareness about the effects of alcohol in order to prevent and correct harmful behaviors towards this substance and encourage a responsible life.


OBJECTIVE: To train young people about the physical, psychological, moral and family dysfunctions caused by short, medium or long-term drug use.

Peace and Nonviolence

OBJECTIVE: To promote the lives of leaders who achieved the transformation of their country with pacifist actions to inspire the youth in gangs.

Responsible Sexuality

OBJECTIVE:To provide tools to the young gang members to be sexually responsible; becoming aware of consequences of being sexually irresponsible.


OBJECTIVE: To provide motivational tools and skills to young people through personal and group work based in sharing.


OBJECTIVE: Spiritual workshop focused on developing the inner peace of young people, independent of the organized religion.

Fuerza Civil (Local Police)

OBJECTIVE: Local police, gangs and Institution workshop to form alliances and develop mutual knowledge and empathy.

Life Proyect

OBJECTIVE: To motivate and assist the young person and their families to develop corresponding life projects grounded in dignity.


OBJECTIVE: To channel the young people who participated in the Program and who graduated from the Training School for Leaders to study and/or work, according to the creation of their Life Project and according to the alliances that institutions and companies provide to Nacidos Para Triunfar.

Monitoring and Accompaniment

OBJECTIVE: Accompaniment of the young graduates in the processes of assimilation into the institutions and/or companies.


OBJECTIVE: To carry out an evaluation and impact measurement of the intervention model at three levels: youth, family, community and the completion of the final report.