• Nacidos Para Triunfar
    LÍDERES UNIDOS POR LA PAZ, A.C. (ONG, www.npt.org.mx)
    Social Integration Program for young gang members
    through awareness raising and formation of values.
  • -NPT-
    Líderes Unidos por la Paz
    "To transform the World we are all needed and we are all
    Born to Triumph", -J.P.-
  • Nacidos Para Triunfar
    Líderes Unidos por la Paz, A.C. Believes in itself,
    believes in young people and believes in women and men.

To learn about, understand and help young people in critical gang and drug addiction situations, it is necessary to reach them in their own environment.

That’s where the Nacidos Para Triunfar Program reaches the youth, implementing sports and healthy social events with them, participating in their dreams and needs through formal and informal talks.

During these gatherings, young people begin to get involved in the program and work to change the reality of their environments. Some examples of these changes are: collaborating on painting graffiti murals with positive messages, the restoration of green areas by cutting grass, picking up trash, rocks and debris. These rehabilitations also create spaces for sports events and The Leadership Schools.

Through these activities, rival gang members begin to experience the possibility of peaceful coexistence and mutual cooperation. This opens the door for a Peace Treaty. Moreover, as the rival gangs are no longer participating in street fights, the communities become safer.