About NPT:

Líderes Unidos por la Paz, A. C. is a mexican legally constituted NGO that has wide experience in the prevention of antisocial behavior of gangs and drug addiction. This NGO carries out its activities through the Program NACIDOS PARA TRIUNFAR.

What is achieved through this program is to directly assist young people involved in gangs and gradually integrate them into society. Young people undergo a training process, which allows them to become aware of their situation and helps them overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

Nacidos Para Triunfar

Nacidos Para Triunfar (NPT):

NPT is a program developed and implemented by Juan Pablo García Aguiñaga, (JP), who was once in the same position of vulnerability of the young men his organization works to help. Because of his personal experiences, JP is deeply acquainted with the experiences of neglected youth along with methods of effective socialization in order for the young men to live healthy and productive lives.

JP has been certified to impart workshops related to the vision and mission of our NGO and has more than eighteen years experience as a lecturer and facilitator. JP became the Nacido Para Triunfar’s leader nineteen years ago and since then he has dedicated himself entirely to working with vulnerable youth by sharing a new vision and possibility of life. JP’s passion and commitment has helped many disenfranchised youth to become agents of positive change for both themselves and for others.

JP was the co-founder of the United Bands Movement for the Good in the municipalities of Guadalupe in 1993 and Santa Catarina in 2001. In 2004, JP in partnership with Father Héctor Mario Pérez Villarreal and César Gómez of the PJSC Association, A.C., developed the methodology for the “Nueva Raza en Cristo Program” for the evangelization of vulnerable young people. JP was also the director of the Archdiocese of Monterrey’s Missions Department of the Diocesan Youth Ministry in 2010.

In 2011, he developed the Nacidos para Triunfar Program, and in 2012, together with Luis Bonales Suárez legally constituted the, “Líderes Unidos por la Paz, A.C.” NGO.

“The gang subject, as many others which harm the environment and society these days is only one of the effects originated by different causes which we have built and have as a social model today (today’s conditions), especially in cities. Silencing or fighting the effects is fruitless and unsustainable. We must address the causes and solve them at their origin, changing the conditions. There are no short cuts; we need to rebuild what has been broken.”

“By going back in history and relating facts, we can understand the routes that as society we have taken to create this eco-systemic and these social conditions. NPT has discerned various causes regarding youth in gangs and we consider ourselves to be addressing the conditions that developed the causes of this gang effect.”
(Luis Bonales Suárez)

Líderes Unidos por La Paz, A.C. builds conditions for ALL to re-unite, so that in collaboration based on trust, we can grow and develop as society.

Líderes Unidos por la Paz, A.C. believes in itself, believes in young people and believes in women and men.

"To transform the world we all are needed, and we all are born to triumph" (JP).


Integrating youngsters in gangs to family, work and study; thus contributing to the reduction of antisocial behaviors that affect social security.


Implementing training processes with adolescents and youth in order to prevent gang formation and drug use. Providing the assistance in their environment to those already immerse in these antisocial behaviour promoting peace between these groups.


To consolidate nationwide peace making NPT’s
support available to other parts of México and other countries in collaboration with their communities.


During the NPT program, the staff develops empathy with the young people in order to obtain better results. Due to the instability of the community, the staff is trained to combat negativity on all fronts. The key characteristics of NPT staff are: LEADER, MOTIVATOR, AND INNOVATOR.



The values we promote rely on the member of the operating team being sensitive to the fact that they work with people who, like them at some point, felt cheated and hurt. That is why building trust is the foundation of the relationship. These values are: RESPONSIBILITY, LOYALTY, AND HONESTY.